Emily Sullivan

More than anything, I quickly realized that people don’t feel confident in their ability to cook! Because of this and also my inherent love of cooking to bring people together, I went to culinary school at Johnson and Wales University. From there, I worked in several restaurants to hone my skill of cooking, with the ultimate goal of teaching others how to feel confident in the kitchen preparing nourishing meals for themselves and their families, and to bring loved ones together through food.  I believe wholeheartedly that nutrition, cooking, exercise and community all go hand in hand to live a healthy lifestyle- which is why I am SO excited to join the Mbrace team as a dietitian!

What is The Relationship of Fitness and Food?

The Whole30 is a dietary reset program designed to help change one’s health, habits and relationship with food. The Whole30 is a self-experiment that will change your life and put you back in control. Andrea will be by your side everyday delivering life changing education while holding you accountable. She has successfully led people of all ages and all levels of health through this reset. Whether your diet needs a major overhaul or just some tweaks to attain your performance goals, she’ll help you achieve long-lasting, sustainable transformation.

Curious? Feel free to ask!

I am more than happy to answer your questions about Whole 30 and other related questions. I am here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask, ok?